Post Malone at The Pavilion at Montage Mountain

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The Pavilion At Montage Mountain | Scranton, Pennsylvania

Post Malone

Years from now, the name of Post Malone’s country music tour can turn into a trivia question. When that happens, you’ll be able to tell them that the name of the tour was F-1 Trillion and that the show in Scranton, Pennsylvania, was amazing! That’s right, Post Malone is taking his country music tour to The Pavilion at Montage Mountain on Wednesday, the 25th of September, 2024. He promises to sing all things country. In fact, the tour’s going to be promoting his new single “Pour Me Drink” where he pairs with Blake Shelton.

This won’t be your typical country music night at The Pavilion at Montage Mountain, it’s not just because Post Malone’s going to be on stage singing country. He can obviously shift back to default settings and sing hip-hop at any moment. If you want to be here on this night to experience the show, be sure to click the get tickets button today.

Post Malone’s been flirting with the world of country music for a while. He recently released songs like “Dial Drunk” with Noah Kanah. There is, of course, the new “Pour Me a Drink” single with Blake Shelton. Those two are almost certainly going to be on the set list come Wednesday, September 25th, in Scranton, Pennsylvania. One of the main questions that people have about this tour is whether they’re going to see Post Malone or they’re headed to a typical country music night. The right answer may be both! This can be a perfect night to take your girl out to The Pavilion at Montage Mountain for a traditional country music date night. Love’s going to be in the air. There’s just something about country music playing in the background and being there with your significant other that most other genres won’t match.

It’s Post Malone, though, so you can expect the production for this show to be a bit more elaborate than what you’ll get from the country band at the local bars. Post Malone is known for interacting with fans and having a few beers on stage in his shows on the regular. In this case, he’s probably going to be up to the same things; it’s just that it’ll be a bit more fitting. He’ll be up there in a flannel shirt with his guitar! All of the songs are going to be country beats. If you’re headed to The Pavilion at Montage Mountain on Wednesday, the 25th of September, it’s going to be a true country music experience that you’ll live out.

There are a ton of great spots within The Pavilion at Montage Mountain to truly enjoy the show. The pit next to the stage is going to give you the best chance to interact with Post Malone. Remember, he loves to dab up fans who are standing next to the stage. Some of the VIP boxes could be ideal for a night out with friends. You’ve even got the lawn area where you’ll hear the show a bit from a distance, but that lawn has its own vibe. No spot is a bad one for this night. The thing is, you want to hit the get tickets button early, though, before the tickets run out!

Post Malone at The Pavilion At Montage Mountain

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