Jason Aldean at The Pavilion at Montage Mountain

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The Pavilion At Montage Mountain | Scranton, Pennsylvania

Jason Aldean

The country music mania will find its way to Pennsylvania! All eyes are on the block as the country music star Jason Aldean pulls to the Keystone State for his Highway Desperado Tour on Saturday, August 3, 2024, at Pavilion at Montage Mountain, Scranton. Bringing star-studded country music personalities, Chase Matthew, Austin Snell, Dee Jay Silver and Lauren Alaina, a night of country extravaganza will make the fans go salsa as the melodic and rhythmic music fills the stages of Pennsylvania. The grammy-nominee will headline this tour from his newest album, Highway Desperado, which features his breakout single, Try That In A Small Town, which entered the Hot 100 chart and garnered the no. 1 on Country Radio. As the reigning Academy of Country Music Association Awards Artist of the Year, Jason Aldean will give the fans a lovely treat as he takes the heat for a country music feat for every fan to see. Wipe the boots and rock the hats as the country music celebration is here for grabs. Get your tickets now!

Jason Aldean is back like no other as he declares his newfound order to bring the Highway Desperado Tour to the city of Scranton on Saturday, August 3, 2024, at Pavilion at Montage Mountain, Pennsylvania. Along with Chase Matthew, Austin Snell, Dee Jay Silver and Lauren Alania, Jason Aldean will keep the feels intact as he performs his country music tracks for the fans to enjoy.

The Georgian country star started his interest in music in childhood and brought the inspiration to the future; the love for country music still lives on as he continued to nurture his musicality until the release of his debut single, Hicktown, in 2005. From that, Jason Aldean climbed up to the heights of the industry and became one of the most renowned country music nationwide. This year, he released his single Try That In Small Town, reached no. 1 on the Billboard Top 100, marking Jason Aldean’s first chart-topper track. As he released his album Highway Desperado, Jason Aldean will take the road to tour cities nationwide to showcase his newfound rhythm and bring the rock-infused country music live.

The Highway Desperado album consists of 14 tracks that showcase the journey of the early days of his career as a musician and how those days built him into the artist he is now. The following are the tracks that will be featured on the Highway Desperado Tour:

Tough Crowd
Let Your Boys Be Country
Knew You'd Come Around
Hungover In A Hotel
Try That In A Small Town
Whiskey Drink
Whose Rearview
I'm Over You
Rather Watch You
Breakup Breakdown
Get Away From You
Changing Bars
From This Beer On
Highway Desperado

“We didn't have a name for the tour, and I came up with Highway Desperado, and it turns out that's a cool name for a tour. So, the next thing you know, we're in there wiring a song, too”, country star Jason Aldean on his inspiration for the Highway Desperado Tour.

The show will feature country music artists Chase Matthew, Austin Snell, Dee Jay Silver and Lauren Alaina as they spice up the soulful experience courtesy of the Highway Desperado Tour. Bringing their hit tracks on their backs, the night will be full packed as they share the stage for an all-out country music blast.

Pavilion at Montage Mountain will host the Highway Desperado Tour as Jason Aldean boots up for all-night country tunes. With the 18,000 fans present, the open-air amphitheater will add heat to a country music hitter with Jason Aldean at the center. Grab your tickets now!

Jason Aldean at The Pavilion At Montage Mountain

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